Introducing UNITED SCRIPTS, a font made up of hand-written words instead of letters!

Every letter key you press will give you a unique hand-lettered name of a U.S. state. And the number keys and punctuation contain supporting phrases, so you can create a full hand-lettered design by pressing just a couple of keys!

The states are arranged alphabetically, starting with Alabama (A), all the way to Wyoming (x). Plus, you’ll find a “D.C.” to attach to Washington (y) and Puerto Rico (z).

Support phrases like CALLS ME HOME, MY HEART IS IN, IN MY SOUL, NATIVE, and many more (in both script and all-caps) are designed to go perfectly with the states.


– Both OTF and TTF file types
– Every word and phrase mapped to easy keyboard keys
– Names of 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and a “DC” to add to Washington
– Over 25 supplemental words and phrases
– A handy PDF guide listing which states/phrases are mapped to which keys



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