Meet Mr. Stretch and Mr. Stout, two gallant fonts ready to help you out with all of your font projects.

They’re two complete fonts written with the same pen, built to work well together. One tall and slender, the other short and sturdy, they stand beautifully on their own, but can also pair well with tons of other fonts!  You can even switch back and forth between the two within the same word for a funky look.

The glyphs in both fonts have been extensively cleaned up to reduce superfluous nodes/points while keeping a hand-written look. They’re great for crafting, printing, cutting, and more!

Mr. Stretch and Mr. Stout each come with:

– OTF and TTF file types
– Two full uppercase sets each: one with a high center of gravity, one with a low center
– A full set of numbers and punctuation
– Over 300 extended Latin characters for language support, including ß, Æ, æ, Œ, œ, Å, and å
– Everything PUA-encoded for easy access in all programs



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