Starch: Not only is it delicious (I’m looking at you, pasta and potatoes), but it’s also slang for both something stiff and formal, and for backbone, moxie, and gumption. I figured that suited this font perfectly! The base is a crisp sans-serif, built on graph paper and refined with sharp lines and corners, but with a little hand-made flair to the curves.

I started with Starch Regular, and liked it so much, I proceeded to go hog-wild creating more versions for more flexibility. Be sure to try them all out with the font preview options below!

Your Starch download includes 10 fonts, in both OTF and TTF versions:

  • Starch Regular (a classic modern sans-serif)
  • Starch Italic (an italicized version of Regular)
  • Starch Extended (a wider version of Regular)
  • Starch ExtraWide (a ridiculously wide version of Regular)
  • Starch Condensed (a narrow version of Regular)
  • Starch Inline (Regular with a hollowed-out middle)
  • Starch Overlay (those hollowed-out middles as their own thing, to layer over -Regular)
  • Starch Slab (a version of Regular with slab serifs)
  • Starch Swoops (alternates to Regular; extend over and under Regular)
  • Starch Oddball (a thickened, tilted, goofy, retro version of Regular)

Each of those 10 fonts contains:

  • Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation
  • Over 350 characters total
  • Over 200 accented characters for multi-language support
  • Stylistic alternates for M, a, g, and &



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