My friend Dawn posted a picture recently of her "Rules for Living," and I looked at it and thought, "Now that's some damn fine printing." So I asked if I could make a font from her handwriting, and she said yes!

This font contains two full all-caps alphabets, so you can mix and match for variety. It also has 15 common double-letter ligature pairs (set to the lowercase letters), numbers, lots of punctuation, and over 200 accented characters for multi-language support. Plus two underline swashes mapped to the greater-than and less-than keys.

I've created the font in both OTF and TTF file formats, but as always, I recommend installing the OTF unless you have a piece of software that's a butthead about using only TTF files.

This freebie includes my updated free font commercial license, which allows unlimited projects, web conversion and use, broadcast, and more. See the included license document for details!

(Hosted at Sellfy as a pay-what-you-want font! Just enter $0 to get it for free.)

(As with all of my free font software, if you want to put this font up on your own font site or freebie font page, the license requires that you get in touch first for authorization.)
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