It’s a weird name, but it’s a weird font!  Introducing RAISIN RAGE, a font that expresses that feeling of when you bite into a cookie expecting it to be full of chocolate chips, but it’s full of squishy, rubbery raisins instead. (Don’t write to me, raisin lovers – you’ll never change my mind.)

Raisin Rage has some fun casual elements like varying stroke widths plus some bouncing heights which make this fun to use for branding, packaging, logos, and more; I’ve cleaned the letters up extensively, so the font is great for cutting and crafting as well!

Your Raisin Rage download includes:

– OTF and TTF desktop file formats, and WOFF web font format
– Two mostly-uppercase alphabets, plus the usual numbers, and a full standard set of punctuation
– Smoothed and cleaned outlines for easy cutting
– Over 300 extended Latin characters for language support
– Over 150 alternates, ligatures, and extras for variety



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