It only took three and a half years, but I think I’m FINALLY comfortable with all of the aspects of making single-line fonts. XD

Here’s Rainy Winter! This one was created from scratch as a single-line font; it isn’t based on an existing solid font. (Fortunately, since single-lines are so flexible, you can just add a stroke in a vector design program like Illustrator, Inkscape, or Affinity Designer, and expand it to get a great solid version!) It’s a fun, cute, handwritten font that works for a ton of different projects.

Rainy Winter contains over 900 glyphs, including:

– The basics (A-Z, a-z, numbers, punctuation);
– Lots of extra punctuation, including 18 fractions;
– 350 extended Latin characters for tons of language support;
– 100 uppercase and lowercase Greek characters;
– 200 uppercase and lowercase Cyrillic characters;
– 40 double-letter ligatures for that handwritten look;
– Alternates for a/g so you can choose single- or double-storey.

– – – – – – – – – –

My single-line/hairline fonts come in two formats: a version with the number “one” in its name, and a version with the number “two.” What’s the diff?

Rainy Winter One is a true single-line font, made from a single stroke from beginning to end. It can be used in some CNC/specialty programs such as Rhinoceros. Most commonly used design programs will connect the start point and end point of these strokes, but if you’re proficient in a vector design program (Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, etc.), you can use this version and remove that connection. If that sounds complicated, never fear! The Two version is likely perfect for you.

Rainy Winter Two is a hairline font — an outline font where the strokes are so close together, they’re virtually invisible. This one is meant for use in most crafting and design programs, and it doesn’t need any tweaking or modifications; just type and go. Use this one in Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, and more!

Not sure which of the two font styles you need? Be sure to check out the PDF guide to single-line fonts included in your download to help with which font to select, and some hints on how to use the font in specific programs!

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Note: Single-line and hairline fonts aren’t your ordinary fonts; they can’t be used for word processing, printing, or cutting. They’re meant for a sketch pen, foil quill, engraving tool, infusible ink pen, Glowforge scoring, or any other stylus or nib that draws letters with a single line instead of an outline. This font comes in both a single-line version and a hairline version; different software programs will use different formats. Due to known issues with Brother Canvas Workspace, I cannot guarantee that any single-line fonts will work in that program.



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