Looking for something a little rough and coarse? Check out Race Coarse!

This typeface was hand-written with ink on paper, then vectorized with an eye to keeping the jagged edges and ink streaks. It's great for when you want a font that's a little rougher, but still upright and easy to read.

Race Coarse includes:

- OTF and TTF font files
- Uppercase A-Z, lowercase a-z, numbers 0-9
- Standard puncutation marks, including weirdos like the copyright symbol
- 200 accented characters for foreign language support
- Over 300 characters total
- Fully Unicode/PUA encoded for easy Character Map & Glyphs panel access

Why are the "font for 4" typefaces only four bucks? 
A couple of reasons: [A] Everybody loves a bargain, and [B] they take a little less time to make and have fewer features than my regular fonts. That's not to say that these are bare-bones: they all still have full separate uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, all standard punctuation, and around 200 accented characters for foreign language support!

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