Texture Shader Brushes for Procreate

I gotta say: if there’s one thing we have here in Arizona, it’s texture. You can’t beat the desert for gritty, grainy, rough textures all around!

For this Procreate brush set, I’ve taken pictures of textures in my environment: harder material like gravel and pebbles, smooth materials like an epoxy flake floor, and soft materials like terrycloth and a woven rug. I made seamless patterns of those pictures, adjusted the heck out of their contrast, and made a set of shader brushes! Then I made an art brush shape and applied the same textures. Then I figured “what the heck,” and built a few inker brushes so that I had a complete illustration set.

These are great for adding shadows, highlights, or just a little bit of extra grain to your projects.

These brushes are packed into one .brushset file for Procreate. Please ensure you have the Procreate program (version 4.1 or later) for iOS (version 11 or later) before you purchase this set.


– 11 soft-edged shader brushes with a fixed grain size:
– Epoxy Light & Epoxy Heavy (epoxy flake floor);
– Gravel Light & Gravel Heavy (smaller, coarser rocks);
– Pebble Light & Pebble Heavy (larger, smoother rocks);
– Terry Light & Terry Heavy (terrycloth, kind of soft and shaggy);
– Weave Light & Weave Heavy (my favorite rug);
– Stucco (bonus brush! Only one version; please enjoy the texture of the side of my house.)

– 5 art brushes: a square brush shape with one of each main texture applied:
– Epoxy, Gravel, Pebble, Terry, and Weave

– 3 solid inking brushes for line art:
– Smooth Inker (a nice plain inker with a sharp edge)
– Shaggy Inker (same inker, but with a little more fuzz and character)
– Broad Marker (a heavier square/chisel style marker)

I’ve also included a text file with .brushset installation instructions, as well as instructions on how to size up/down the textures so you get the perfect size for your image/resolution!



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