It’s Pinsetter!  My most popular font for crafters, and probably the one they’ll put on my tombstone. 🤣

Pinsetter is a set of cute hand-lettered fonts in three heights, that mix and match and snuggle together like one big alphabet family.  Both the Littles and Middles alphabets can stand alone on their own, or they can mix together. And the Talls are designed especially to cradle the Littles, so you can make fun combinations galore!

To make it easier to mix the three sizes, I’ve created a handy-dandy guide that covers how the letters are structured to work together, and gives some patterns and ratios to help you mix and match!

UPDATED: I’ve added in two new files: Pinsetter Littles Hollow, and Pinsetter Little Chunk. Pinsetter Littles Hollow is an outline version of the Pinsetter Littles — you can use them on their own, or they’ll stack right on top of the Pinsetter Littles for a two-color outlined look. Pinsetter Little Chunk is a fully revamped version of Pinsetter Littles. Everything’s been thickened up to be more bold; the letters are more rounded; and everything’s been cleaned up and modified — some a little bit, and some quite a lot!



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I don’t know diddly-squat about embroidery, but HoopMama certainly does!

Looking for a little guidance? Check out my tutorial guide to creating word art with the Pinsetter font!

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