It all started with the letter S. I drew the S, I liked the S, I based a font around the S! Enjoy Pickled Limes, a tall, thin, and narrow unicase font (where uppercase and lowercase are all the same height). I’ve built this font clean from the ground up, from ultra-sharp lines and corners to super-smooth curves.

The gentle rounding, slightly flaring ends, and whimsical character mix make this font tons of fun to use on its own, but it also pairs well with tons of other font styles!

I’ve stretched my wings on this one; in addition to my usual 300+ Extended Latin characters, I’ve also made Unicode’s 121 Greek and 256 Cyrillic characters for even more language support. Plus 90+ catchwords, ligatures, and alternates, bringing Pickled Limes over 1000 total glyphs.

Please enjoy using my tasty Pickled Limes for your craft project, logo, branding, or other design work. Happy fonting, my friends!


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