Introducing Party Snacks, a Design Bundles exclusive!

I used to draw a daily webcomic called Holiday Doodles. Every day I’d take weird, strange, and obscure holidays, and combine two or three (or more) of them into a single-panel comic. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there are TONS of holidays that celebrate foods, and TONS that celebrate booze.

In the years that I did the comic, I amassed quite a collection of cartoons of various foods, with arms, legs, and happy little faces. Quite often, they were holding alcoholic drinks in their hands. Now, I’m sharing those boozy food cartoons with you!

This collection contains 15 different snack foods enjoying adult beverages, in both color and black-and-white line art. And since I wanted to be more inclusive, I’ve also created versions of these food friends without the drinks! They’re just waving hello. (But they may still be drunk, who knows?)

The food friends include: apple, burger, cake, cheese, chips, cookie, cupcake, donut, hot dog, ice cream, nacho, jalapeno, pie, pizza, and a pudding cup.

Fonts used in the main promotional image: Sportsball Slab, MacGuffin.



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