These nine brushes for Procreate are part of my personal most-used collection; they cover a variety of styles and types. They’ll give you a great base set of brushes if you’re just starting out, or they can fill in some gaps for an experienced Procreate letterer or font creator.

You may recognize some of these lettering sets from my fonts — I used MM Nearly Mono to create my font BLORP, MM Tall and Narrow to create Puckery Tart, and MM Awkward Heavy to create Terrapin.

The brushes in this set include:
MM Retro Flair: From a ’50s diner to an ’80s buddy cop show, this brush is great for uppercase projects
MM Nearly Mono: A little more character than a true monoline brush, with a thick and smooth feel
MM Tall and Narrow: Shaped for long and lean uppercase, but great for tons of styles
MM Awkward Heavy: A script brush with a rounded triangle shape for unique angles and curves
MM Extremes: Strokes that go from super thin to super thick, for both casual and elegant lettering
MM Variable: A smooth brush for script lettering with tons of bounce
MM Painter Soft 1: A semi-transparent brush with a rough edge, for an acrylic-painted look
MM Painter Soft 2: An even more transparent stroke, with a little less paint on the brush
MM Inky Sharp: Heavy ink with texture for really bold lettering

NOTE: These brushes are delivered as .brush files, which can only be used in Procreate for iOS. These brushes will NOT work in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or any program other than Procreate. Please ensure that you have the most current version of Procreate installed, and that you’re familiar with how to install .brush files.

The brushes used in the main image are: MM Tall and Narrow (lettering), MM Variable (brushes), and MM Retro Flair (for Procreate).



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