A new shop site called SoFontsy launched in early 2018, dedicated to providing smooth, cut-friendly fonts and designs for those who use Silhouette, Cricut, Brother SNC, and other cutting machines.

Besides having most of my cut-friendly fonts listed there, I've also created a number of hand-lettered designs that you can buy at SoFontsy!  Their license allows you to make an unlimited number of physical items (shirts, mugs, hats, prints, etc.) with these designs.
I don't know about you, but I'd wear it. :)
Not everyone likes oysters. I'd rather make the world my taco. (Also comes in a "donut" version.)
For St. Patrick's Day, a list of great things about the holiday. But oh no, I forgot to mention beer!
A good rule of thumb for most problems.
That's right, even the collegiate-style text is hand-lettered.
Even more so than hugging it out, this is a phrase I live by.

Mad love to Freeman Studio for making such an awesome collection of real-people t-shirt mockups.
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