And now, for something completely different from me! GeoBlocks is a family of four fonts – two with square alphabet, number, and punctuation characters with a pixel-style look, and two with decorative squares full of geometric shapes. Style one has no background, while style two has a filled square background.

You can create an infinite number of patterns from the shapes – even by typing out words!  For the alphabet fonts, the lowercase is a simpler, easy-to-read style, while the uppercase letters are stylized, so they can function as a secret code!

Making a pattern is easy – just select one of the fonts and start typing!  You can use the blocks in a regular repeating pattern, or you can pound on the keyboard for a cool random look. Or something in between!  The text fonts also include a limited number of lowercase accented characters for language support.

Check out the promotional images for ideas about how the blocks can be used, along with some guides on how to create simpler repeating patterns.

I’ve also included a PDF guide so you can see all of the blocks at a glance, and you’ll know which letter to type to get which block!



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