Are your free fonts REALLY free? Like, for everything?
- For the most part, yes! A few of my freebies are demo/light versions of paid fonts. Those fonts (King Basil, Gumption, Tallsy Smalls, Tingler) will either have a personal use license or a limited commercial license. But all of the fonts listed on my Free Fonts page are fully licensed for personal and commercial use.

Can I see your freebie license?
- Absolutely! Here's a PDF of my current freebie license (updated May 2017). Plus, every free font comes with a copy of the license. Remember, this covers the fonts on my Free Fonts page. NOTE: Any demo or light version of a paid font will be under a separate license with a few more restrictions.

Do you make custom fonts?
- I do! Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design and what characters you'd need; pricing starts at $500 for a very simple font with a very basic letter set, and goes upward from there depending on style, number of characters, and the type of licensing you'll need. If you're interested in more information, feel free to drop me a message.

How about custom illustrations? Logos? Book covers? 
- Yes, yes, and yes! I'm available for all kinds of illustration and graphic design work. Just get in touch with the details, and I can discuss and give you a price quote.

Do you just do fonts, or do you also do custom hand-lettering?
- I totally do custom hand-lettering! Prices will vary depending on the size, number of words, and style of a lettering piece, as well as your licensing, rights, and exclusivity needs. Lettering prices start at $100; let me know your needs for your project, and I can get you a quote.

Are there embroidery versions of your fonts?
- Yes! Check out my embroidery fonts page to see them. I've licensed many fonts to embroidery pros, and as they complete the digitizing process, this list will grow.

So I guess that means you license your fonts for embroidery digitizing?
- I sure do! Drop me a line at my contact page to see which fonts are currently available. Embroidery licensing is $50 for a non-exclusive license. (Be warned, a number of my fonts are exclusively licensed already. Check out my embroidery fonts page for more information.) None of the shops I sell with include digitizing in their licenses, so this separate license will always be required in order to digitize a font into a sellable alphabet format.

I bought one of your fonts, and I'm a little confused on how to use it.
- Totally understandable -- some of the fonts have a lot of elements! If a font has more than one or two files, there should be a PDF guide included in your download. Check that out first -- it'll have details about which files to install, and what letters are included in what file. If you have more questions after that, drop me a line! All of my fonts are PUA-encoded, which means that you can always access every character through Character Map (PC), Font Book (Mac), or any other font management program.

Is my favorite font going to be in a bundle soon?
- Maybe! Take a look at my Deals page -- it lists all current and upcoming bundles, sales, and special offers.

Do you have a mailing list? How can I find out about new releases and stuff?
- I don't currently have a mailing list, but if you follow my Missy Meyer Design Facebook page, I almost always post there with updates about new products.

I bought one of your fonts. Can my sister/brother/uncle/cousin/bestie use it?
- Probably not. Most of the shops I sell through offer a single-user license, which means it's only valid for you. And the one shop that offers a 1-5 user license (FontSpring) intends for those up-to-5 users to be in the same organization. If you need a multi-user license, please get in touch, and we can work out a deal!

Do you want to sell your fonts on our website?
- Maybe! Get in touch and let me know what site, so I can take a look at it. I'll also want to see a full copy of the license you sell under, because some places have some really weird stuff in their licenses.

Can you teach me how to make fonts? Do you offer any classes?
- I don't have any formal instruction set up, but I've written a number of blog posts over at Font Bundles under the "Ask a Font Creator" header. Several of my posts talk about font creation. There are also tutorials for programs like Inkscape, as well as some snarky analyses of fonts in the wild.

The top of your page says "cat lady." Are your cats the prettiest?
- Yes. Yes they are. You may think your cats are prettier, but I'm afraid you'd be wrong.

It also says "writer." What have you written?
- Besides blog posts, and things like this FAQ, I've written a couple of chick-lit novels. You can check out my Amazon author page for more information.

My question wasn't asked and answered here. :(
- That's cool! It means your question is awesome and unique. Ask away!
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