I've recently discovered that Dafont (the huge free font site) allows registered users to create "selections" (which others might call "collections"). I can make whatever categories I want, and put whatever fonts I want to in those categories. So I've built a bunch of lists! 

These lists are handy as heck when you're looking for a free font for a personal project. (For most of the fonts at Dafont, they're only free for personal use. Though every example font I'm showing here is 100% free. Be sure to check each font's licensing information for details.)

These lists will always be growing and changing as I find new fonts to add to them. I've done some deep digging down to the bottom of the categories at Dafont, and hopefully these will help you discover some new favorites!
(sample fonts: Bracheos, BlowBrush, Edmund, Pupcat)
As of when I added them to this list, all of these fonts are not only marked as 100% free, but they also contain a license or ReadMe document in the zip file that specifically allows commercial use! Curated to those I find attractive and relatively well-made.
Holiday Collection: Halloween (sample font: Dire Wolf)
Bones, skulls, dripping blood, lightning, monsters, aliens, and lots of other fonts I felt were Halloweeny!
Holiday Collection: Winter Favorites (sample font: Snowtop Caps)
Snow, stars, candy, cookies, and lots of other fonts with fun wintertime elements!
3-D and shadowed fonts (sample font: Action Jackson)
Art Deco and Vintage / '10s, '20s, '30s (sample font: Anchor Jack)
Bold handwritten sans-serif fonts (sample font: Barthowheel)
Boy & man handwriting styles (sample font: CJ Potter Handwriting)
Circus and Carnival style fonts (sample font: Romantiques)
Collegiate-style fonts - slab serif (sample font: College Slab)
Collegiate-style fonts - sans-serifs (sample font: Pop Warner)
Collegiate-style fonts - outlined (sample font: Jersey Letters)
Dry brush fonts - both script and print (sample font: Lemon Tuesday)
Fonts with embellishment inside the letters (sample font: Budmo Jiggler)
Geometric and tribal fonts (sample font: Morden)
Glossy, bubbly, and groovy fonts (sample font: Frankfurt)
Old-timey writing fonts (sample font: Blackletter Hand)
Outline and Inline fonts (though mostly outlines) (sample font: Matias)
Pilsner / sports fonts with swashes (sample font: Team Spirit)
Retro scripts and caps ('40s, '50s, & '60s) (sample font: Magnolia Script)
Sci-Fi fonts with a stripe-based element (sample font: Yonder Recoil)
Hand-written signature styles (sample font: PhontPhreak's Handwriting)
Smooth-edged brush fonts (sample font: Sweet Sorrow)
Stuff on squares (includes Scrabble tile fonts) (sample font: Cut Me Out)
Tattoo style script and caps fonts (sample fonts: Tattoo Ink and Porcelain)
Wider handwriting fonts (sample font: Ukulele)
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