This is a collection of fake book covers I've created as promotional images for my fonts. None of these titles or authors actually exist (to my knowledge).
The book mockups are from CoverVault. Most background images are from either Gratisography or Unsplash.
The Day Joey Brewster Came to Town / "Crispin" font
Lillian Lovejoy's Party for One / "Meddling Kids" font
The Billionaire Bride / "Hallsey" font
The Baker and the Vampire / "Limetta" font / photo from Unsplash
Monsters in Love / "MacGuffin" font / Little Monsters by Clipick
Horatio Squiddleton: King of the Ocean! / "MacGuffin" font / "Party Animals" cartoons
Mister Meowers: Secret Agent Cat / "Mossy Rock" font / Meowers icons by Iconka

Interested in commissioning a book cover? Drop me a message through my Contact page!
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