This is a collection of fake book covers I've created as promotional images for my fonts. None of these titles or authors actually exist (to my knowledge).
The book mockups are from CoverVault. Most background images are from either Gratisography or Unsplash.
The Pink Unicorn Girl / "Jumbuck" font / Photo from Unsplash
The Blue Dragon Boy / "Jumbuck Sans" font / Photo from Unsplash
Lilian Lovejoy's Party for One / "Morning Sunset" font / photo from Gratisography
The Barefoot Princess / "Bobbles" font / photo from Unsplash
Eddie's Worst Week / "Cherry Cordial" font / photo from Gratisography
The Mo Archer trilogy / "Breezy Beach" font
The Longest, Darkest Night of the Year / "Showpony Sans" free font / photo from Unsplash
Carly Franklin Conquers the World / "Kidlit" font / photo from Gratisography
There's a Monster in My House / "Pinsetter" font / custom graphic by me
Lock & Key / "Race Coarse" font / photo from FreeImages
Seventeen Minutes to Midnight / "Starch" fonts / photo from Unsplash
Andy the Unicorn Saves the Day / "Tallsy Smalls" font / graphic from PenguinHouse
The Best Summer Night / "Undulant" font / photo from Unsplash

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