As seen in the webcomic Basic Instructions, this is Boldly Missy -- a typeface of my own handwriting I created way back in 2006.
The letters may be a little janky, and the kerning is probably way off -- this was made using software from 10 years ago. But you know what? It's free for personal and commercial use!
As always, I'd love to see any projects you choose to use this in. Drop me a line to show me!
Did I mention that it's janky? I mean, LOOK AT ALL THOSE EXTRA POINTS!  Clearly the automatic tracing software didn't care about making my JPGs into the smoothest letters possible, and 10 years ago I didn't know enough to edit out the extraneous points.
Maybe someday I'll clean it all up. Maybe. 

Download Boldly Missy Here!
(Google Drive, .OTF file)

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