Billy Bot is a little plastic robot who sits on my desk. I’ve had him for years — he started out life as a cheap portable speaker, but stopped working surprisingly fast. But I couldn’t get rid of him — he was just too darn cute.

So recently I was sitting at my desk, looking at Billy, who was standing there with his little robot hands on his little robot hips. I asked Billy, “Should I make some little bundles of my fonts?”

Billy wiggled his antennae and said, “Not only should you do that, you should name them after me.”

So here we are, with my new Billy Bot Bundles!



This is BBB #1, a collection of my personal favorite fonts. Because while some might say I should love all my font children equally, I totally don’t.  These are the fonts that I go to when I need to type something out, and the ones I’m most satisfied with. You get two heavier fonts and two lighter fonts, which makes pairing easy!

My Personal Faves Font Bundle (Billy Bot Bundle #1) contains:

Garrulous (OTF and TTF)
Chaotic Neutral (OTF and TTF)
Puckery Tart (OTF and TTF)


This is BBB #2, a set of fonts with a sort-of theme of food-like names. (Yes, yes, a succulent isn’t a food, it’s a category of plants. Although you could eat a cactus if you really wanted to.)  You get a nice combination of styles here — two connecting script fonts, and two print fonts, so you can mix and match within the bundle!

The Tasty Treats Font Bundle (Billy Bot Bundle #2) contains:

Breaking Bread (OTF and TTF)
Succulent (OTF and TTF)
Cheesy Grits (OTF and TTF)
Cherry Cordial (OTF and TTF)


This is BBB #3, a set of fun and flexible workhorse fonts in sans-serif and slab-serif styles. Due to their simpler, cleaner style, these fonts can pair with almost anything; plus, they can stand on their own, and all of them have more than one font in the family for variety.

The Fun Work Horse Font Bundle (Billy Bot Bundle #3) contains:

Uncle Grump (OTF and TTF)
Benji (OTF and TTF)
MacGuffin (OTF and TTF)
Sportsball (OTF and TTF)



This is BBB #4, a set of connecting script fonts with some fun extras, alternates, and ligatures. Whether you want a more casual script, or something with fancy swirls, or even something modern and heavy, this font has fun choices for you.  All four fonts in this collection come with PDF character guides to help you get the most fun and variety out of these fonts.

The Snazzy Scripts Font Bundle (Billy Bot Bundle #4) contains:

Allegory (OTF and TTF)
Bobbles (OTF and TTF)
Gray Skies (OTF and TTF)
Terrapin (OTF and TTF)



This is BBB #5, a set of tall and narrow fonts good for a thousand and one uses. Whether you’re after something with a more farmhouse feel like Barn Dance, a party font like Velvet Pants, or the weird hybrid of a serif-script combo like Jumbuck, these will liven up any project.

The Tall Friends Font Bundle (Billy Bot Bundle #5) contains:

Barn Dance (OTF and TTF)
Jumbuck (OTF and TTF)
Jumbuck Sans (OTF and TTF)
Tallsy Smalls (OTF and TTF)
Velvet Pants (OTF and TTF)

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