I watched a video about the movie poster designs done by Saul Bass – most of the lettering was simple, handwritten sans-serifs, with some letter combinations that cradled each other. So I decided to take inspiration from Bass, and made ARGYLE SOCKS.

It’s a fairly clean sans-serif, with just a little wiggle to remind you that it was drawn by hand. There are four full alphabets included – the uppercase, lowercase, small caps, and stylistic alternates – plus dozens of two-letter ligatures to add fun and variety. You can mix and match all sizes of letters for unique logos, branding, packaging, craft projects, and more!

ARGYLE SOCKS comes in three weights: regular, thin, and thick, so you’ll have the right size for every project. And all three weights have the same 700 glyphs, which includes the uppercase Greek alphabet and over 300 extended Latin characters for language support!



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