Allspice is a tasty new font for all of your fun projects! It’s a mixed-case font (uppercase and lowercase are all the same height) so you can mix and match letters within a word.

Plus, the Allspice font comes with a full second font file with the alternates, to give you even more options! Not only are the letters alternates — all of the numbers, punctuation, and accented characters are alternates too!

Your Allspice font download includes:

– Allspice (in both OTF and TTF file formats)
– Allspice-Alternates (in both OTF and TTF file formats)
– PDF guide to which characters appear in which file

Each font file contains:

– Uppercase A-Z
– Lowercase a-z
– Numbers 0-9
– Standard punctuation
– Over 200 accented characters for language support

In Allspice, everything is coded simply! You’ll never have to go out to Font Book or Character Map to find the extra characters — everything is contained in these two font files. So if your software isn’t OpenType friendly, no worries! You’ll still have 100% of Allspice at your fingertips.


Allspice alphabets

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