Around a year ago, I put out a font called United Scripts, in which each key you typed on your keyboard would produce not just a letter, but the full hand-lettered name of a U.S. state.

Almost immediately, I had folks asking if I had a font I’d made those state names with, or if I was going to develop a font with that style of lettering. To which the answers had been: not yet, and maybe.

Well, the big day has arrived! ALLEGORY is a font created with the same brush as United Scripts, and follows along with the same style and bounce of the United Scripts names.  The base alphabet starts out fun, but then to make things even more exciting, I’ve added in over 65 ligatures and over 100 alternate letters so you can add variety and flourish to your design. (And of course, everything’s PUA-encoded for super easy access!)

Allegory features:

– Over 65 ligature sets for smooth letter connections (coded to standard ligatures)
– Over 100 alternates for variety (coded to stylistic set 01 through stylistic set 08)
– 180 accented characters for Western European language support
– Everything fully PUA-encoded for easy access in all character maps
– Handy PDF guide with all alternates and ligatures listed: copy and paste from this PDF into your design program!

Support fonts used in promo images: Starch (sans serif), Alegreya (serif)



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Allegory is also included in my Snazzy Scripts Font Bundle.


I don’t know diddly-squat about embroidery, but HoopMama certainly does!


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Want to give it a whirl? Test out the font below:
Test your text here!