Hot Deals - a free grocery sign-inspired font

A handwritten font in the style of price signs inside a grocery store.

The other day, we were shopping at a Trader Joe's, and I admired all of the hand-done signs in the store. Not just the big chalkboard pieces, but every small sign under every single product with the name and the price. So I made a note on my list of fonts that would be fun to make: grocery sign font.
(Did you know that each Trader Joe's store has a sign artist? Or more than one? That would be a really cool job. But if I worked at Trader Joe's, I'd be eating that half-popped popcorn every single day. That stuff is my Kryptonite.)
Anyhoo, here's my grocery font. For the technically-minded, I made the characters in Illustrator using a calligraphic brush (-16° angle, 40% round). I re-used some strokes across the font for a little more uniformity than I usually get in my handwritten fonts.
I've also used the Private Use Area for the first time. And it won't be the last! It's fun to make up my own characters. 
As always: free for personal and commercial use! And I'd love to see how you use this, so feel free to drop me a line!
(Google Drive, .ZIP file)
If you like my free fonts, donations are always appreciated.

And a thumbs-up is always welcome! :D
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